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About Us

We are a community-focused potent church that is globally prophetic, non-traditional, Kingdom-minded with an Issacharian, cutting-edge Grace that serves as an Overseeing and Commissioning mechanism.


We believe that the Corporate Prayer Room is the most powerful place or earth, with the secret place being a close second. 


We believe God has given us the Master Keys that unlock Divine mysteries and we are accountable to steward over them accordingly.

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What We Believe

We believe that there is one God, who is eternally self-existent in three (3) persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God, the Father, is the creator of heaven and earth and the lover of man’s soul expressed through his eternal plan of redemption and salvation through His Divine Blood shedby The Son.

We believe that God, the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, is the Father’s Only Begotten Son. He fully carried out the plan of redemption and salvation through the finished work on the Cross.

We believe that God, the Holy Spirit, has been sent here on the earth as a Comforter, who will convict of sin, show us things to come and Who is the Anointing.  We believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues, a divine, supernatural language used to build up the believer and enable them to pray the perfect prayer.  

We believe that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together and that God is the Husbandman who Plants members into the local church to flourish.

We believe that the Tithe is Holy and belongs to God and that Tithes and Offerings are for the church today allowing sustenance and meat in God’s house.

We believe in the Holy Communion that is taken as often as we deem necessary to remember the Lord’s death until He comes.

We believe in water baptism as an ordinance of the Church, though not needed for salvation but as an outward show of the regeneration of the human spirit in the Born Again experience.

We believe it is the local church’s responsibility to make sure the Glory would never depart and that Jesus would never be on the outside knocking on the door.  All services will be structured but should the Holy Spirit wish to change direction, we will follow His leading.

We believe in guarding the anointing (The Holy Spirit) that breaks the yoke of bondage at every cost.  No flesh shall Glory in HIS Presence.

We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired (breathed upon) Word of God, infallible, inerrant, unchanging, eternal and is the absolute standard upon which we operate as believers.  

We believe that Mankind is a fallen creation as a result of sin and remains in a degenerate state, devoid of a personal relationship with God and can only be restored and justified through faith in Jesus Christ and His Divine Blood sacrifice.

We believe that Jesus first descended and then ascended and gave gifts unto men manifested in the five-fold gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher for the perfecting, equipping and edifying of His church to go out as a witness, do the work of reconciling man to God and establishing Kingdom Covenant business.

We believe in the imminent, glorious return of Jesus Christ to the Earth when He will judge the quick and the dead, through the resurrection of both believers and unbelievers, with believers being granted the blessing of everlasting life and unbelievers being condemned to everlasting separation from God and damnation of hell.

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