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Our Vision

We see Hot Spots being developed across the Nation in strategic regions.

These Hot Spots will serve as gatherings where ones Destiny is set on fire!

These locations will incorporate our model of the First Century church that has no pulpit (God said He didn't want us standing over His people), and a place where His people can be heard to add or ask questions regarding the weekly message. Local pastoral gifts will be assigned to facilitate these gatherings and care for the local congregations.

We see these Hot Spots further being developed in other countries.

Our Mission

Church Values.jpg

Steps Church Values

*The family always takes priority over Ministry...the family came first.



The Church is One

We need one another to thrive 

We reach outside of our 4 walls to serve the entire Body of Christ.



We acknowledge the Holy Spirit as our first-line learning defense in all areas as we are life-long learners.

At Steps Ordered by God Christian Churches and its Outreaches, we are becoming skilled, precise warriors possessing the heart of Little David converged with the mass and the power of the Giant!

Come on somebody!


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