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Pastor Stine

Your home, your destiny

Apostle Stine McDonald

Our Pastor

Known as the Community’s Pastor, she is celebrating 30 years in ministry serving in the prophetic arts, teaching and leadership. She is Apostolic Pastor and Founder of Steps Ordered by God Christian Churches that began with a Los Angeles base and as of April, 2018 is head-quartered Atlanta, GA.  Apostle Stine envisions “hot spots” spanning across the United States. 

She founded the Steps Ordered Network Ministerial Alliance, The Steps Ordered Kingdom Institute that hosts (among other class jewels from our Revelatory arsenal) the Chebel Prophets Training Center, Pastor StineMaximum Mentorship Program, Do the Dream NOW Seminars and the Two Twenty-Two Leadership Training Course.  She also founded the Steps of Glory Community Dance Ministry and hosts bible studies for those in the Entertainment Industry. 


She is a self-published author of Dance, According to the Scriptures and Spokes in His Will, a Journey to Demystifying the Voice of God Using Sacred Arts Ministry.  She is in process of completing The Word Critter Adventures Series, Prophetic Numerics and its Value for the Believer Today and Ministering Effectively in the New Millennium Marketplace. She is also founder and editor for Judah First Ministry Leaders News, The Refresher.


She founded the Judah First Fellowship for Dance Ministry Leaders and Judah First Bible Study on the Arts in 2004 and is Creator/Producer of the Word Critters© animated series for the Children using her song writing and storytelling graces. 


With a strong prophetic mantle, Apostle Stine’s traveling ministry “Eyes of Fire” spans the U.S. and abroad.


With her MDiv in Pastoral Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, she is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry at Azusa Pacific Seminary. 


Apostle Stine is revolutionizing the Church with Kingdom Relevance through the Holy Spirit’s precision in redefining paradigms.  She is mandated by God to raise up and release an army of those who are equipped for the work of the ministry and empowered for End-time Kingdom business.

Prayer Requests

We believe that prayer is one of the powerful weapons that God has so graciously given.  We have an all-access pass to the Alpha and Omega!  We are to come boldly to the Throne of Grace to obtain mercy and find help in a time of trouble, halleluia!  God has given us keys to unlock mysteries in prayer and we want to set our faith with yours today.

If you have a need, please let us know via email or go to our Contact Us page in this website, enter Prayer Request as the subject, type your request in the message area then click send. Please be sure to enter your name and correct email address.

Receive Christ as your Savior today

If you do not know the Savior, this is your special moment that can change your eternal destiny.   No matter who you are, you alone are unable to save yourself for eternity.  You may be able to lock your doors at night and be safe from intruders. You may be able to put so much money away in your special wall safe or a savings account to cover you during unexpected life incidents.  You may be able to acquire every insurance policy available but none of those things can ensure your eternal salvation.

God has made provision for your forever by sending His Son.  Jesus, who is both true God and true Man, He came and poured out His Own Divine blood to purchase us out from under the servitude of satan.  We were born separated from God through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, but God planned a way of escape from a sinful nature to return mankind to His Divine Nature.  And, please understand that this Jesus is the only way to get this vital blessing.  In John 14:6 where Jesus says He is,”…the Way and the Truth and the Life…” one of the most important words in that text is “the” simply because it identifies the fact that there is only one.  He continues to confirm that when He says, “…no one comes to the Father except through me.”  In another text, He provides this in His “I AM” statements in John 10:9, He says, “I am the Door, if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved…”

There is a simple prayer for one who is separated from God that is outlined in Romans 10:9-10.  It requires an admission that you need a Savior that comes from your heart and is expressed through your mouth as follows: “If you believe in your heart and say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”  It’s that simple: an admission from your heart and expressed through your mouth.  It sometimes takes time for some people to fully grasp this experience and walk in it, others it is instantaneous. Please know however, that once your heart says “yes” to your Creator God through the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it is done.  And, your human spirit knows who the Father is from eternity past with Him and so you will know deep within, where no one but Your Father Creator God can reach.

Amen … If you prayed that sweet little simple prayer and meant it, welcome to the family!  If I don’t see you on this side, I’ll see you in Heaven!

Good News for those who are out of Fellowship also referred to as those who are Backslidden…


I was backslidden for a total of four years and they went by so fast, I couldn’t believe it.  I realize time flies when you are out of fellowship because sin is deceitful.  I was so glad to be back in the “arms” of the Lord and there is nothing that equals the peace of God when you KNOW things are good between you.  Once knowing the treasury of Salvation, that seed remains and if you are like me, you always know, deep down inside that one day…He will come and get you.  Well, my day came, and the Lord spoke to my heart like a Father; stern and loving.  He said, “get up!”  It was so good to hear His voice within me again, but it was also scary…I did what He said…I got up.  To those of you who are sitting in a place separated from your Heavenly Father I say, “get up!”  Now is the time to fulfill destiny, to reconnect with the only One who can hold you in His Perfect arms and release you into His perfect Will all at the same time.  You don’t have to try to change anything right now, just be willing to come home, we miss you.  Will you pray this prayer with me?  “Father, I’m willing to come home, will you help me find my way please?”  I promise you, He will meet you wherever you are and give you a custom road map laced with Grace and Love, each step along the way. We love you!

Being filled with the Holy Spirit

I realize being filled with the Holy Spirit may appear traditionally to be a Pentecostal idea alone relative to denominations.  For a moment, would you do me the honor of hearing me from your heart for just a moment? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and He is the third person of the Godhead.  He is not an entity, He is the Person of God that has been given to the earth realm as a gift to us.  Just as the Word of God is given to the earth and the angels who are here on the earth rescuing and guarding those of us who love the Lord. The Father God almighty is in Heaven but is here on the earth through the Person of the Holy Spirit. So, the Holy Spirit is more person than a thing but certainly more Spirit than anything else.


We are spirit beings who are housed in a physical body and have souls that are one with our spirits. Because we are spirit beings first, and the Law of Firsts helps us understand that our spirit being is more “real” than our actual three-dimensional body. So, we are human spirits, and this is where we get our being as humans.  Our God is a Spirit which is why they that worship him must do so in spirit and in truth (see John 4:24). But God by His Spirit, gave us a most immeasurable gift, second only to Salvation and that is the gift of being filled to the overflow with the Holy Spirit that produces/induces a spiritual language. That language gives us capacity to speak in the spirit realm to Our father God who again, is a Spirit and it requires an act of faith to operate in a spiritual conversation with the God of our spirits. That is extraordinary beyond compare when I begin to look at it from that beautiful vantage point!  The Bible tells us that things that do appear were made by the things that do not or are not seen (see Heb 11:3). This provides us with a beautiful cue to help us understand that the spirit world or spirit realm, inclusive of our human spirits is an outranking entity. Therefore, we now have the capacity to understand how invaluable and priceless the gift of our human spirit now being filled with the Holy Spirit with an evidence coming from our spirit language for which our understanding the Bible says is unfruitful (1 Cor 14:14).  Doesn't that require us to walk by faith and not by our human senses?  This is the God of Faith’s requirement of the faithful, (see 2 Cor 5:7).


So, then God is giving to us an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with Him in His own language that bypasses our understanding and requires us to just know that our human spirit is speaking with our creator God! Isn't that a love gift of remarkable proportions?!!!


Please understand that I know that our God is vast beyond grasp and He has people and groups and institutions who will never be filled with the Holy Spirit and get a language in the spirit.  These people will fulfill His Will for their lives and be impacting on the earth!  I know of such people who have not embraced praying in the spirit or speaking with other tongues who are powerful and anointed!!  However, if you are seeking more intimacy, if you are hungry for a deeper connection with you God, He has given you that hunger for purpose!  Perhaps for you, this the satisfaction of the craving that He has deposited so deeply within.


In Luke 11:13, the Bible compares the blessedness that comes from an earthly father and our Heavenly Father.  He says, “If you then being evil (human and prone to error) know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them who asks Him?”  This helps us understand that the Holy Spirit is an immeasurably (how much more) good gift and that we need to ASK!


In Acts 19:1-6, Paul happens upon disciples in Ephesus and asked them, “…have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?”  They told him that they didn’t even know there was such a thing.  When Paul located their understanding of faith, he laid hands on them and the Holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke in other tongues and prophesied.   This says much but what we can draw out of this text is that Salvation is first and being filled with the Holy Spirit follows…but again, because of an ASK.


In 1 Cor 14:5, Paul says this, “…I wish you all to speak with tongues…”  In 14:18, “I thank God,” he says, “I speak in tongues more than you all.”  In context, Paul is setting things in priority order but what we can definitely draw out of this text is that the Apostle Paul spoke in tongues and comparatively a lot!


There are some extraordinarily wonderful reasons Paul prayed in tongues a lot!  There are benefits galore.


When we speak with other tongues, our spirit prays as mentioned earlier but here’s the Bible on it; “When I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prays but my understanding is unfruitful.”  (1 Cor 14:14).  The benefit is shown in the conversation with God that is shown in 1 Cor 14:2, “For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God.  Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries in the Spirit.”  See that?

In Romans 8:26-28, we can see how the Holy Spirit prays through us with “groanings which cannot be uttered in articulate speech.”  Here there is a perfect prayer prayed through us by the Spirit in intercession according to God’s Will.  There is no more perfect prayer as it cannot be intercepted by our human wills/minds or the enemy…the demonic have no concept what we are saying either, so they cannot “track” nor hijack that prayer!


Lastly, a benefit involved building up our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s move, unctions, etc.  In Jude 20, it is says this, “…building up yourselves on your most Holy faith by praying in the Holy Ghost.”  The effect of praying in tongues or praying in the spirit or praying in the Holy Spirit/Ghost means you are like a phone plugged into the battery charger.  You are being charged and you are therefore more sensitive, easily touched by God by His Spirit, by the Word of the Lord and by your own desire to be closer to Him.


So, we are back to the beginning of the hunger that some of you have.  If you desire that closer experience with the Lord.  Simply ASK Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and then just yield to Him in praises and watch the mysterious words of the spirit flow!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at


With love, Apostle Stine

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