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Touch his Mind, Touch his Heart - Part 1

Do we lift or Bash? When President Trump first came to office, I asked the Lord how to pray for this new Administration. He gave me very simple instructions, He said "Ask me to touch his mind and touch his heart." I knew that if I was going to be praying that prayer, I couldn't be complaining or bashing him in anyway. So when I hear of the non-productive things he has said or done, I would simply say 'Father, touch his mind, and touch his heart," Just exactly like He said to pray.

This morning I was thinking about certain recent issues and wondered why such focus on such minutia, creating others to follow suit? With the weight upon a most prestigious office as that of the President of the United States of America and it's global influence, a heart and mind of its leader must truly be touched by Almighty Creator Father God!

Believers Touching and Agreeing

The reality of the power that we as Believing Christians have and the responsibility to utilize that power in the way in which God has designated, is beyond measure. The mandate to pray for all of those who are in authority from the Living God and a mandate that the Scriptures clearly indicate that Believers should be James 1:22 performing, leaves us without excuse. To whom much is given, shall much be required. When we get in Agreement, with this one idea, we will see massive Divine impact.


"By our words we are Justified and by our words we are condemned." See Matt 12.

God has given us a massive key as Believers that no other person on this earth has. And that is the power of our words because just like our Creator God who framed the world with his words, He has given us creative and productive capability and ability with our words. Further, the reason we have that delegated authority is because He wants us to partner with Him in bringing His will to the earth by saying what He says. It's called co-laboring.

So every time we bash this Administration, we are utilizing our power-lifting key in a mismanaged way. Do we want the self Indulgence of giving this Administration our "peace" of our minds, or do we want to agree with God in this hour where it is imperative to say what He says about this Administration? Words that are prophetic and thereby; powerful, sharp, relevent, relentless, productive and effective, albeit simplistic. I choose the latter. This by no means indicates that we should not speak out or speak up, it means first listening to the Almighty Commander-in-Chief of the universe and then speaking a word that agrees with His.

This writing is essentially to the Christian leaders and intercessors among us, because the lay people will follow what we do. If we bash the Administration, our followers will do the same. If we lift this Administration to the Lord, our followers will do the same...thus, making the difference!

As we do lift this Administration, it gives God entree to change the very things that we complain and bash this Administration about. When we bash, complain, ridicule, make really bad jokes about the things that have gone wrong, we support and magnify them. What a paradox!!

Kingdom Food for thought --- As Jesus followers, do we want to be self-indulgent or do we want to be effective?

Submitted with love,

Pastor Stine McDonald

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