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Touch his Mind, Touch his Heart - Part 2

When you look at this simple yet prophetic prayer that God gave us for this Administration, you begin to understand that this didn't come from Stine McDonald's opinion store, no, this is not my good idea --- this is born out of that which involves the Three B's. That states: God has the Isaiah 55:9 BIG PICTURE and this is seen clearly in that whole 55th chapter and next, God has the BETTER IDEA which comes from the treasury of the book of Hebrews where the "Law of Better" is throughout the entire book. When you understand it revelationally, you find "Better" doesn't just mean one step up; it means a Whole Galaxy, Next Realm thing that is dimensional and immeasurable. You cannot quantify this "Better" and third, God has our BEST INTERESTS at heart. This is vividly witnessed throughout the Canon in its totality. We can see the selfless Love of God that BTW He actually has shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.. Therefore, when you get this 3B Revelation, you can, with absolute spiritual violence subject your carnality up under His Eternity. You will absolutely John 3:30 decrease so that He can increase. You with absolute love and Delight began to allow him to shape your desires; you let him make you be Phil 2:12-13 hungry. You are willing to put down your comparatively pitiable Gen 3:7 and 16:2 methodology and pick up his efficient, effectual, eternal weapons of victory and glory and honor, gladly. So this post is NOT a Stine McDonald opinion, but rather it's born out of carrying a mandate to pray effectively. When we have made The Sovereign Lord, Lord truly over our lives, when we begin to become more God-conscious and less self-conscious and we become partners with Him in getting the Kingdom Business done that keeps us 1Cor 9:27 and 15:31, dying daily to our own ideas and pressing daily into the God idea. Here is where we find we can rise above every matter (again another kingdom Institute principle that God has blessed us to have!) We're going to rise above every matter seeing it from His vantage point and thereby dominating it. Not succeeding to it, not yielding to it, not allowing it to Lord over us but instead dominating it, this is the key to this entire post. As God's Kingdom Pro-Actionary, the weapons of our Warfare are not carnal but they are Mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations -- This is the hard stuff this is how it's done and it's done through putting down our fig leaves and allowing him to give us the remedies and the cures that are 1Cor 2:4-5 sure Effective, Eternal, Relevant, Fresh, Exciting, Powerful, Creative, Innovative putting us way ahead way way way ahead of our true enemy who is the demonic -- causing us to restfully stand in the faithful hands of the One Who still the water, walked on the water, split the water, turn the water to wine and wait, created the water. Bottom line of this simple prophetic prayer for this Administration - We Ephesians 6:12 do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places therefore I have taken not Saul's armor but proven armor that comes from The Lord of hosts who customized it precisely for me to ensure the WIN. I choose to be one of the Kingdom Pro-Actionary effective weapons in the Hand of the Almighty Living Glorious Victorious God of every little god and Lord of every little lord. But...When we as believers oppose the Sovereign Lord, we open the door to the little demonic to lord it over Giant us... This ought Not be so!

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