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Steps Churches Daily Load - 2/26/19

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People of God, here's the first of a Daily Load that's going to happen every weekday morning. Today is February 26, 2019, and the Bible says in Psalm 68;19, that God Daily Loads us with benefits so here's today's load from Steps Churchs: We are immeasurably blessed with extremely overwhelming benefits from God but we don't always experience them because we don't know, and if we know, we don't access with boldness! God requires us to grab a hold of his bounty on the daily basis with an acknowledgement that they exist through our praise, so lift your voice and hands right now and let him know that you are ready to receive of his great Bounty and access them with boldness everyday! You will be shocked at what you will begin to see released into your life and the lives of those you love. All because of JESUS! Ain't He WONderful? YES! With Love and Expectation, Apostle Stine.

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