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Steps Churches Daily Load - 3/01/19

Well praise God for the first day of March! I am reminded that keeping the Lord first in our thought life, in our family life, in Every part of our lives is a wonderful key that allows us continual access to The Kingdom of God! That's Matt 6:33.

Holiness can be an elusive idea but it's very simple, it's a first thing --- God is Holy that's why He's first, the tithe (for example) is Holy that's why it's first. Prayer is first, not a "Last Resort." So acknowledging the Lord in all our ways, a power key! It keeps the lines of communication open, so that a constant flow of God's Goodness, Witty Ideas and Wisdom is released into our lives! Lift your sights and your hearts and say "I Receive your first line of communication today." Ain't that Glorious?!! YES! With Love, Apostle Stine.

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